…posted in response to the writing prompt, BOUNTY, suggested by “Manic Monday”





as the gardener shades her tend
bending close to nourish and protect

so too nature stoops to embrace and refresh
her pacific northwest paradise
her autumn shadow upon the land

she leans down
and lets flow life-giving waters
to enrich this lush realm

she covers her beloved eden

a soft blanket of moist cloud

a shelter from harsh winter
to insure spring’s rich bounty

abundant fruits
and nuts

hill-climbing vineyards


towering trees
too numerous to imagine

endless grasses
and flowers

soon made succulent by winter waters

mountain streams
valley rivers
swollen with migrating fish


they journey home
fresh waters of new birth

birds and animals
flock and gather

embraced by this season
of quiet renewal

in step and harmony
with this cycle
they too will welcome spring
with plentiful new life

a sustaining love
this affair


nurtured to witness
the eventual spring

nature’s unswaddled glory


• • •

rob kistner © 2008

• Oregon Autumn rain on conifer needles
• Autumn at Sokol Blosser Vineyards, Willamette Valley Oregon
• Sockeye salmon, Deschutes River, Oregon
• Autumn Cascade Mountain Lake, Oregon

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