Not Since Then


this turn
down our country lane

I could make it in my sleep

so familiar

I anticipate every bend
every dip

they are welcome as a friend

like the sound of my tires
as they trundle ‘cross
the narrow wooden bridge
that fords the feisty brook

and coming round

I see the corridor
of faithful old-growth Doug’s
stepping back for me

inviting my return
guarding my safe passage

they sway

as if to celebrate
that I am back again

it’s left up our gravel drive

the pebble and crushed rock
crunch and clatter in stony rustle
as I traverse our hill

swing onto our concrete carport

and key the engine off

all is silent

save the tick and popping
as the engine cools

this is my favorite moment

just before I open the door
to step up
and approach the house

approach you

this moment of anticipation
knowing you are waiting

bathed and fragrant
warm and soft

dressed in something that will whisper
welcome home my love

I’ve missed you

then I take you in my arms
fall into your loving eyes
pull your willing body close

to wrap ‘round you
and drink you in

these moments
melt into sweet love making
that continues until exhaustion

we both love when I return
from a business trip

but tonight
I do not key the engine off

I do not reach for the handle

do not open the door

I simply

you are no longer waiting
not in quite sometime

not since you lost your battle brave

not since I held you
that final time
your body still warm and soft

not since then

my business trips are longer

my returns

and farther between

• • •

rob kistner © 2008

note: Doug’s are Douglas Firs


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…this poem is an edited rewrite of one of my older poems
in response to writing prompt #52, found at “readwritepoem”.

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