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Dawn Breaks

Dawn Breaks When the fire of love Flickers dims and dies And a shadow falls Deep in darkened eyes Hollow words of love Are but empty lies That open door of a tender heart Has swung quietly closed Round the fragile part What once so sweet and effortless Can never again feel right And the […]


…here’s in keeping with my ‘dark’ fantasy that all clowns have bizarre, perhaps criminal pasts… Laughing • gaze upon me if you will my countenance crafted to fool and thrill I’ve spent years in greasepaint fear and sorrow I rue the past I dread tomorrow they call me laughing bob it wasn’t intentional you see […]

The Hour of the Beast

  The Hour of the Beast • when the most capable believe they have risen above the mucus, the shit, the afterbirth of their origin when in their reflection they see perverse transcendence towards entitlement in which no allegiance or kinship of nature binds them to their center nor founds them in the fevered fumbling […]

Morning’s Pardon

…morning brings we fallen mortals forgiveness and hope…   Morning’s Pardon • fallen into night’s embrace held down by dark shadows I writhe in the arms of nightmare would that I could rise into the light of dawn’s nod but I’m flesh, weak, consumed by flesh purity laid raw entangled in my sin skin to […]

The Edge

  The Edge • standing at the edge feeling far below the great tides the ebb and flow the rise and fall the come and go of centuries wave by wave day by day might incarnate the power of indifference the surge of perfect apathy and I as insignificant as the grain of sand bounced […]

The Dimming

  The Dimming • here is the change the forgetting the slipping away into the haze of memory the frustration of no longer being able and still the burning longing to… remember and you dimming in this fog midst the times we have cherished the places we have loved fading beyond reach an ever-mounting loneliness […]


  Silent • do you hear the autumn wind stirring in the branches do you hear the leaves rustle do you hear my breath whispering your name do you hear my heart beat do you hear my tears fall or is it silent silent as the light-less realm that hauntingly engulfs my soul silent as […]


  Hope • I lift myself quietly very quietly from beneath the sheets soiled with neglect soaked with my nightmares I am again awake from another dark night that began with fear fear I might not survive and ends in sorrow realizing I did I rise make my way carefully past the shallow-breathed crumple that […]


  Endings • shrouded by evening in waning october as autumn tumbles towards winter is to know the losing of the light the ever growing darkness the advance of the cold the time of endings death’s due vigil deep silence dormant so still how do I abide this season • • • rob kistner © […]

Silence – two reflections

These two poetic reflections are unrelated, beyond their focus on silence. The first reflection here considers what it is to fall into the deepening silence of old age. The second reflection looks at the silence that causes, and also results from repression…   1ST REFLECTION Endings • shrouded by evening in waning october as autumn […]

King of Sunrise

  King of Sunrise • on the boulevard below last night’s rain puddles midst the chaos of metro-clutter held hostage by tire and curb as if abandoned by the waters of earth it shoulders its way through the gutters in search of mother sea this day begins golden and crisp bird songs echo empty sunrise […]


Aeropachydermicide – recklessly causing the death of someone or something by actions that result from the foolish belief that one is so smart and powerful that one can make an elephant fly.   Aeropachydermicide • somewhere between our petrochemical insanity and our reckless dance with fractured atoms we believed we were the miracle and it […]

Why Raven?

  Why Raven? • there stands a raven in the rain liquid-black as molten coal beside a woman besot and broken thoughts so black and molten outstretched in her anguish ravin’ in the rain raven in the rain why is it that you stand here so very soaked and sullen beside this woman so besot […]


The Snake Charmer, Henri Rousseau, 1907   Slithered • ever hissing ever hissing the smooth slithered snake stealthily winds its slender self to slowly settle in the shadows to set its searching sights on its unsuspecting prey an ever patient sentry coiled to seize its precious prize with surety of purpose this silent sleek assassin […]

Images – a ten year vigil

…lest we ever forget       Images • images unreal unfathomable images the graceful glide engulfed by the spire in a roar of golden orange horribly beautiful perversely mesmerizing obscene devastating images torrents of humanity raining down desperation their only escape masses of humanity racing to outrun the unbelievable praying to be delivered from […]