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Life is Duality

Day 13 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Life Is Duality on catching a glimpse of the Great Mysery • I sometimes get very dark my emotions get brittle and heavy – an anger at life swells every time I dig deep enough be it on my own or in a counseling session I find […]


This piece deals with the strange duality we all carry with us through life, the unique contradiction between the person we think we are, and the ‘many’ other persons others perceive us to be from their experience of us, as filtered through their differing individual perceptions. Fair or not, convenient or not — we are […]

Perception’s Window

artwork by Jack Vettriano Perception’s Window • we are infinite beings awaking slowly from some infinite place our coming to be unknown to us as any mystery our essence an enigma learned in stories in waiting relationships gradually we open to our identity awareness dawns like the rising of a newborn sun breaking on our […]

Soul Food

Something life’s experiences have taught me: seeing the world for what it is makes you smart, envisioning the world for what it can be – makes you wise…   Soul Food • there are countless contradictions in the elements of the work we do and conflictions as we strive but bring these not to table […]


  Wonder • to grow up is to chase off our innocence our naïve belief in the world as a beautiful place to harden against the magic of our childhood dreams but if by chance we can cling to just one perhaps we can hold on to our precious sense of wonder • • • […]

King of Sunrise

  King of Sunrise • on the boulevard below last night’s rain puddles midst the chaos of metro-clutter held hostage by tire and curb as if abandoned by the waters of earth it shoulders its way through the gutters in search of mother sea this day begins golden and crisp bird songs echo empty sunrise […]


  Disappearing • I now move in the world unseen I am transparent a fading glimpse caught in the darkened corner of an ever dimming eye where once I blocked the sun I am but a shadow moving between shadows at the edge of light without form once a voice that thundered ‘cross the distance […]

The Sync

  The Sync • connection to make contact searching for the sync the heart of the matter in this solitary journey from womb to tomb a stranger on the bus of days seeking distraction chatting them up to suppress the voice of isolation immersed in the small talk of love and accomplishment to drown the […]

Fret Not

…written for Day #30, NaPoMo 2011…   Fret Not • people are consumed by endings speak of their finality their permanence their absoluteness but I say no in this age of recycling repurposing sequels syndication spin-offs botox rogaine viagra endings are not absolute eventually inevitable but in that they are not so special not unique […]

Skye Fyre

…written for Day #12, NaPoMo 2011…   Skye Fyre • the grand sunset gun hunter readies his grip as the great golden orb returns weary from his trip quicksilver moon embarks on her night’s course hunter fixes sharp eyes steady on the source gaia reaches gently into vast quiet space diamonds of stars gaia sparkles […]


…written for Day #11, NaPoMo 2011…   Ergo • we are infinite beings awaking slowly from some infinite place our coming to be unknown to us as any mystery learned in stories in waiting relationships gradually we open to our identity our essence an enigma awareness dawns like the rising of a newborn sun we […]

The Keepers

The Keepers • from the spark of cognizance at the dawn of awareness through the ions of fire and conflict forward past the dark times beyond the ages of change into these centuries of new growth they have kept it locked in their hearts burning in their souls the keepers of the secret and now […]

Emerge In Grace

…this tanka was inspired by prompt #26 at Writer’s Island, and by prompt #139 at One Single Impression.   Emerge In Grace • go down in trial endure the tribulation emerge rapt in grace steeled by the tempering fire molten molded pure and strong • • • rob kistner © 2010

Life Lessons

The following Ginsberg American Sentence is in response to prompt #75 on Carry On Tuesday. • “Look, if there’s one thing I’ve learned, every day of life is a lesson” • • • rob kistner © 2010

For No One

…this piece is in response to prompt #17 at We Write Poems, and prompt #69 at Carry On Tuesday, also the September 1st prompt at Three Word Wednesday… For No One • the cadence to which I tight step pulses in my heart alone it is my coursing vital stirs my spirit steels my resolve […]