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This Dance

This Dance • he feels the weight of her thigh pressing against his the flesh of her hip urgent against his groin the warmth as he responds involuntarily a heat spreads through him a quickening of pulse he swells and swoons growing rigid and eager a deep need overtakes him he reaches ’round her firmly […]


Schucked • here hang the soiled and tattered husks poorly washed of those who would be real persons save their abandonment in this place and time out of sync of awkward fit paralyzing naïveté bad teeth and hard truths • • • rob kistner © 1/10/15 • this poem loosely inspired by this visual prompt […]

Silent Singing

Watching the cosmos and marveling, tonight I go beyond my limitations to a place that touches the edge of infinite, to the place where humility is born, where the first thread was tweaked to unfurl – were is spoken the language of awe, and silent wonder is the song that is sung…

Dawn Breaks

Dawn Breaks When the fire of love Flickers dims and dies And a shadow falls Deep in darkened eyes Hollow words of love Are but empty lies That open door of a tender heart Has swung quietly closed Round the fragile part What once so sweet and effortless Can never again feel right And the […]


Freefall • today I slipped beneath the waves caught in a cloudy slow free-fall no bottom in sight • • • rob kistner © 2013


Day 15 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Coward on the senseless Boston Marathon bombing • coward to kill this way anonymously cold as a viper’s stare what could have happened for you to lose your heart to forfeit your soul to abandon your humanity so completely human life as arbitrary as landfall of a […]

Hot Water

Day 14 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Hot Water memories of falling in love • waiting for the water to get hot hearing it resonate ringing the stainless steel of the sink I’m caught in a brief daydream it’s 1987 I am standing over another sink a girl I recently met I offered to […]

Life is Duality

Day 13 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Life Is Duality on catching a glimpse of the Great Mysery • I sometimes get very dark my emotions get brittle and heavy – an anger at life swells every time I dig deep enough be it on my own or in a counseling session I find […]


Day 12 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Nightfall on nightmare situations • it’s nightfall the darkness now descends the hand of grief extends terror is knocking at the door it’s nightfall words of sorrow stain my lips slip through my fingertips and scatter ‘cross the floor it’s nightfall the shadows hide my tears but […]

Talking To The Wind

Day 11 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Talking To The Wind on being open and vulnerable • talking to the angry wind finds you conversing only with yourself telling the hardened stone your hidden secrets keeps them untold sharing with the lofty tree your broken dreams you hurt alone you need connection with a […]

Stardust Thief

Day 10 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Stardust Thief on courage • ride the moon like the ferryman’s craft to the secret place of dreams ride the moon like the stardust thief pilfering the jeweled night sky ride the moon to seek the truth hidden in the folds of time it sparkles there just […]

No One

Day 9 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ No One on independence • if one is not author of the life one lives it is plagiarized its essence forged do not contain me in your truth I live beyond the lie do not seek me on the surface I break deep below the false do […]

The Ache

Day 8 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ The Ache on love’s regret • there is a brilliant darkness of the broken soul from which springs a well of melancholy so deep and bittersweet as to stir the tongue of the brooding poet to loose a torrent of sorrowed yearning so rich with longing that […]


Day 7 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 part of my Smalling Down™ series _______________________________________ Scamper on hearing a mouse under the bed • where do you come from little guy you here alone under our bed what are you doing waking us from our sound sleep what is your intention what’s under there that’s so […]


Day 6 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 part of my Smalling Down™ series _______________________________________ Speechless on finally reaching the end • as he reached the threshold he hesitated stopped breathed in partially turned head cocked breath caught hand resting on the door their eyes met held each wanting to speak …silence she sighed looked away […]