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Life is Duality

Day 13 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Life Is Duality on catching a glimpse of the Great Mysery • I sometimes get very dark my emotions get brittle and heavy – an anger at life swells every time I dig deep enough be it on my own or in a counseling session I find […]

Perception’s Window

artwork by Jack Vettriano Perception’s Window • we are infinite beings awaking slowly from some infinite place our coming to be unknown to us as any mystery our essence an enigma learned in stories in waiting relationships gradually we open to our identity awareness dawns like the rising of a newborn sun breaking on our […]

Evening Prayer

image:“House At Dusk” Edward Hopper © 1935 Evening Prayer • sun sits low on the horizon dusk slowly advances the breath of night begins to stir all the daydreams are gone to bed I sit quiet close by the open window soothed by the cool breeze warmed by the memories that huddle ‘round me from […]

Well Traveled

…while it is true that, in the end, it is the journey that validates the destination — we do arrive at a point in life, where keeping one’s eye looking down the road, while seeing all we pass along the way, is what keeps the journey alive and meaningful…   Well Traveled • from here […]


  Stardust • ride the moon like the ferryman’s craft to the secret place of dreams to seek the truth that sparkles there like stardust in the folds of time • • • rob kistner © 2012

Morning’s Pardon

…morning brings we fallen mortals forgiveness and hope…   Morning’s Pardon • fallen into night’s embrace held down by dark shadows I writhe in the arms of nightmare would that I could rise into the light of dawn’s nod but I’m flesh, weak, consumed by flesh purity laid raw entangled in my sin skin to […]

This Heart

  This Heart • this heart’s now yours this damaged heart this brittle fractured aching heart broken by you, every part I’ve no use for this ruined heart plucked here from my chest I seek a new and vital heart one that’s far less stressed a fresh heart that’s unbreakable a heart able to forgive […]

Rāgarāja’s Daughter

  Rāgarāja’s Daughter • radiant vision silken skinned translucent alabaster blaze torrid as a teen’s temptation leaned low here before me yearning on plush cloud so sensuous sweet comely goddess forward bent graceful face aglow with craving you conjure ardor’s obsession a’bloom in beckoned fiery swoon forearms rest on pillow soft thoughts aflame in primal […]

The Journey

  The Journey • beckoned to the final tide called forth by the ferryman spirit stirs to the distant voice that draws you to the journey caught still in this mortal realm soul resigned to embarkation time folding in upon as slow you approach the vessel • • • rob kistner © 2011 • linked […]

Rebel Rebel

…I republish this piece today in fond memory of John…   “we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun”   Rebel Rebel • I’ll not listen not be shackled not be handled not be ruled I’ll not be managed nor be played manipulated or be fooled you sure as hell […]

Soul Food

Something life’s experiences have taught me: seeing the world for what it is makes you smart, envisioning the world for what it can be – makes you wise…   Soul Food • there are countless contradictions in the elements of the work we do and conflictions as we strive but bring these not to table […]

Two Moments

These are two poems about two powerful and indelible life-moments I shared with my son Justin. The first “Night Sky” is about the courageous moment he chose, at age fourteen, to leave his mother’s home to move across our country, to live with me in Oregon — through the years of his high school and […]

Book of Days

  Book of Days • in the book of days clearly it is written your time for moving on beyond the reach of yesterday in this book of days so too is it written clearly mine grow short my grasp loosens on tomorrow our miles apart grow greater our time together lessens as you pursue […]


  Wonder • to grow up is to chase off our innocence our naïve belief in the world as a beautiful place to harden against the magic of our childhood dreams but if by chance we can cling to just one perhaps we can hold on to our precious sense of wonder • • • […]


  Hope • I lift myself quietly very quietly from beneath the sheets soiled with neglect soaked with my nightmares I am again awake from another dark night that began with fear fear I might not survive and ends in sorrow realizing I did I rise make my way carefully past the shallow-breathed crumple that […]