Celebratory Blues

…on the occasion of my 64th…

Celebratory Blues


the hands of time swing round faster and faster
life has carved his journey in his face
the pendulum beats steady its insistence
he wonders how long can he keep this pace

he sits here four years looking back at 60
he’s known tragedy and triumph both the same
borrowed bought and sold his way to this place
leveraging his soul to play the game

an older man now gazing out his window
trying to remember how long it’s rained
alone here by the fire in contemplation
was all he lost worth what it was he gained

but sweet memories like candles softly flicker
friends and lovers cherished come and gone
held in warm embrace wrapped in his heartstrings
in his dimming years he prays they still shine on

• • •

rob kistner © 2011

32 thoughts on “Celebratory Blues”

    1. Its the Yin & Yang of life Viv, the circle game, the polarity of reality — nothing can be positive without the negative… Thank you for the birthday wishes my friend… 🙂

    1. I’m pleased you liked this Monica — thank you… 🙂

      I don’t usually write poems of rhyme, preferring the intimacy of free verse – but I had been in an, as-of-late, not-so-unfamiliar melancholy, introspective mood, and chose to listen to Joni Mitchel. Her song “Circle Game” began to play and inspired this poem. I envisioned it as a lyrical continuation to Joni’s melody, so the rhyme scheme fell in naturally. Upon re-reading it, I felt the the rhyme was appropriate — so here is “Celebratory Blues” one on my infrequent works of rhyme.

  1. Beautiful! I’ve heard a common thread for people living over one hundred is how graciously they deal with loss, along with having a daily purpose!

    Cheers Giggles

  2. I love the image of ‘life has carved his journey on his face’..so true that that pendulum catches up with our body even if our mind isn’t ready..It really was a heartfelt piece of reflection and hope…Jae (and congrats on your birthday..)

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