Dawn Breaks

Dawn Breaks

When the fire of love
Flickers dims and dies
And a shadow falls
Deep in darkened eyes
Hollow words of love
Are but empty lies

That open door
of a tender heart
Has swung quietly closed
Round the fragile part

What once so sweet and effortless
Can never again feel right
And the fall begins so near unseen
As though but the passing of night

Until one morning no dawn breaks
No tenderness nor warmth awakes
And a loneliness encircles slow
You seek the one that you’ve loved so
She’s here arms reach
She shares your bed
You roll and turn and lift your head
You search her face in the predawn glow
Whose eyes these are you no longer know
You feel no tears you feel no fight
A sadness rises from this night
That it never truly will again be right

It’s in this painful clarity
You realize you know
That though you stayed quite sound asleep
You heart left long ago.

– rob Kistner 2013

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