Hot Water

Day 14 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013

Hot Water

memories of falling in love


waiting for the water to get hot
hearing it resonate
ringing the stainless steel of the sink
I’m caught in a brief daydream

it’s 1987
I am standing over another sink
a girl I recently met
I offered to do the dishes
so out of character
but I wanted to impress

she invited me over for dinner
great meal
great evening
great face
great smile

though several decades
since I’d been a teenager in love
but I am smitten
I remember the feeling
almost giddy

as I plunge into the suds
searching for another plate
we are deep in conversation
I remember
I love talking with her
love hearing her laugh
love her velvet skin
love her great green eyes
love her

it’s true
I’ve fallen in love
like some school kid
and at my age
but the feeling is intoxicating

how nice it would be again
for even just one day
to feel that new
that innocent
that energized
that taken by another

her voice calls from the other room
lifts me from my reverie
I am still at her house
but it’s now our house
has been for many years

her skin is not quite velvet any longer
but her smile
still captivating
I’m still soothed by her voice
still love spending time with her
even now

how much time do we have left

certainly enough to finish these dishes
and the water is finally hot

• • •

rob kistner © 2013

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