July Midnight

July Midnight


relentless din
of crawling
pours steaming
through my window

midnight intrudes
damp and searing


scalded air
too hot and thick to breathe
a heat to suffocate

coarse whirr drones overhead
promising relief

in vain

sweltered darkness
lays heavy upon me


I toss in labored half-sleep
gasping for cool relief

I deep inhale to fill my lunges
only to bake them
in cruel sustaining breath
this oven to endure

salted droplets trace my spine
baste my neck
pool in the hollow of my fevered chest
bloom and seep
from beneath the smother
of matted soak atop my head
to weep their way ‘cross smoldered brow
into my eyes
and sting

no respite
in this nocturne furnace

night clings
and stifles

even dreams are scorched
simmering in July

• • •

rob kistner © 2010

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