Day 12 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013


on nightmare situations


it’s nightfall
the darkness now descends
the hand of grief extends
terror is knocking at the door

it’s nightfall
words of sorrow stain my lips
slip through my fingertips
and scatter ‘cross the floor

it’s nightfall
the shadows hide my tears
but I am haunted by my fears
I am broken evermore

it’s nightfall
dark waves of misery
are rising like the sea
I am stranded on the shore

it’s nightfall
I am lost I am alone
confusion grips me to the bone
horror chills me to my core

out of the nightfall
I hear you call my name
I have finally gone insane
it is the end for me I’m sure

again I hear you call
then I know what this must mean
this has all been just a dream
I have simply been asleep
albeit very very deep
soon my eyes will open
once this nightmare’s spell is broken
soon the sun will rise once more
at least I pray that’s what’s in store

• • •

rob kistner © 2013

3 thoughts on “Nightfall”

  1. Oddly, something that came out of the process for my own thing today seems to go with this, so I’m going to pass it on

    His puzzles are
    small, surmountable, cramps
    questions the storm-waking left in his gut
    replacing the alarm clock’s electric lay
    like a face, a strider past and gone.

    Before the clock begins to buzz, he stops it.
    The click, like turning off a dream, locks
    his dream of sorting questions into place.

    More thunder, more rain
    pain, and something like an owl
    honor his shoulder

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