No One

Day 9 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013

No One

on independence


if one is not author of the life one lives
it is plagiarized
its essence forged

do not contain me in your truth
I live beyond the lie

do not seek me on the surface
I break deep below the false

do not expect I ignite for you
you are not my flint

do not attempt to chart my course
I search my own horizon

do not summon me to your queue
you are not my piper

the cadence to which I tight step
pulses in my heart alone

I fall in line for no one

• • •

rob kistner © 2013

I shared this poem at dVerse.

3 thoughts on “No One”

    1. Hi Viv, really nice to see you visited. I am trying to break through the health crap and medication, and begin writing again. I am going stir crazy.

      You know me, I am feisty,set in my ways, and a bit grumpy these days, but I still like you lady. Stop back when you can. I am having a hard time getting around to other blogs, I am just so damned exhausted. Take care my dear. Go read my poem Stardust Thief and Calypso Hearts if you haven’t already…

      Luv ya Viv…

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