This is my post for the Sunday Sribblings, May 27th prompt: “simple”.

Author’s note: Immediately upon reading this prompt, haiku flashed to mind — simple, beautiful. I have therefore created a suite of seven haiku’s that each resonated in some way for me around the word simple. I also recorded myself reading each.  Go to bottom of post to hear these “spoken word” pieces.


(suite of seven haiku’s)

haiku 1

what is happiness

wise man offers this reply

one breath then the next


haiku 2

what we call something

others do without effort

that we’ve yet to try


haiku 3

lone leaf on clear pool

turns in gentle summer breeze

song bird softly sings


haiku 4

the minds of others

who do not see things our way

obviously fools


haiku 5

light grey cotton shorts

tan belt, white oxford cloth shirt

tan sandals, no socks


haiku 6

lifting you from bed

knowing that you cannot walk

taking you to sun


haiku 7

starts with letter S

made up of two syllables

means easy, or plain

To hear poem read by author, click here

Rob Kistner © 2007

34 thoughts on “Simple”

  1. You have a wonderful voice — I really enjoyed hearing you read these beautiful haiku. I read and enjoyed them too! Each one paints a perfect moment and feeling. Number 1 is the ultimate zen! Number 2 is a good reminder about effort. Number 3 is such a sweet moment of nature. Number 4 made me smile because I’m guilty of doing this once in a while (especially re: politics) before I catch myself! Number 5 is perfect observation — I actually had to look down to remember what I was wearing today! Number 6 brought tears to my eyes. And number 7 is such a perfectly “simple” haiku.

  2. Clare

    Thank you! I enjoy doing the “spoken word” recordings.

    This prompt was great fun.

    Haiku are addictive once you start writing them.

  3. Lovely haikus.
    This is a form of poetry I am particularly fond of, even if I find the syllables counting in English a little daunting…
    But I like the challenge of the story in only just a few words (and one deep breath).


  4. Inconsequential

    No. 4 has a universality to it. It is about every person, at one time or another.

    No. 2 has a bit of inflated ego mixed in with the optimism.

    Glad you stopped by.  Visit again.

  5. Nathalie

    Thank you!

    in just a few words
    together with a deep breath
    stories can be told

    Nice little haiku you have in your comment, Nathalie! 🙂

    A variation might be this.

    in just a few words
    and with a very deep breath
    much truth can be told

    Haiku is a fun, and challenging poetic form.

  6. So many different ‘simples’ – I enjoyed the journey through them all (both reading and listening). No.2 is clever and very perceptive, as is 4; 6 particularly touched my heart and 5 re-evoked my initial response to this prompt, which was ‘clothing ourselves in simplicity’ – light colours and fabrics in simple forms, which is what I prefer when I am writing or painting. 3 is a lovely ‘snapshot’ haiku, and 1 and 7 frame the sequence well. I enjoyed all this!

  7. You have a very good reading voice. I especially liked #1. Have you read any of Ayya Khema’s books? She was a German Buddhist nun living in Sri Lanka. That haiku reminded me of her noble writings.

  8. I love haiku, and these are all lovely. I wrote one about May on my blog a few days ago, but went in an entirely different direction for this week’s prompt. I think I like #4 the best–so true 😉

  9. Rose

    I appreciate your enthusiasm — thank you!

    It was a lovely spring day, so I sat on my patio, listening to the stream babble, and the breeze rustle in the old growth — and let my mind open. These are what appeared.

    It was a wonderful day! I’m pleased it touched you as well.

  10. Beaman

    Thank you for the compliment!

    I had not discovered Ayya Khema, but your inquiry prompted me to explore.

    I found a talk she did in Santa Fe, New Mexico in April of 1992. She discussed the essence of Metta, which she explained was love. It was most engaging and inspiring.  I will be reading more of Ayya.

    I appreciate your nudge, my friend!

  11. Regina

    Thank you — you are kind!

    I’m pleased they carried equal weight with you. They are each a bit different — so maybe they can each be your favorite?

  12. Sognatrice

    Thank you for your kind words!

    Yes, #4 is a universal guilt, we each carry on occasion.

    I love this haiku below that you have written, and which I share here. You’ve offered a wonderful insight to the month of May.

    As your name suggests
    Possibilities abound
    Nothing definite

    Bravo Sognatrice!

  13. Enjoyable haiku. While all strike a chord, I adore #2. And #6 is beautiful. Have you seen the One Deep Breath site? ( I think you would enjoy it. I found it several weeks ago.

  14. Patois

    Thank you!

    I am very glad you enjoyed the work, and understand your two favorites. I enjoyed writing them all, and making the spoken word recording.

    I just posted a new suite of four haiku, which includes a spoken word recording. It is called Seasons.

    One Deep Breath — yes, I know the site. I have a link there to my composite Dreams Drift Through Reason, which includes two haiku and a piece of my abstract art.

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