Song of Love

This is my second post for the Sunday Scribblings May 13th prompt: “Second Chance”. This is me asking for a second chance after my thoughtlessness.

Author’s note: This next short piece was written as an apology to my wife for one of the times I opended my mouth instead of my ears, and more importantly, my heart.


Sometimes, In the clatter of a thoughtless moment,

I forget to listen.

I fail to hear the tender lilt of our heartsong.

But when I am quiet and we are close,

this lyric of love is all I hear.

Please forgive my selfish noise.

Rejoin me in our sweet duet.

I miss your gentle voice.

Rob Kistner © 4/3/99

10 thoughts on “Song of Love”

  1. It’s a lucky man who has such a woman in his life.

    Thank you Maria! All the very best to you.

    –and so it goes–

  2. Awareness

    We all put our foot in it sometimes. A little sweetness in an apology does wonders for the aftertaste. 🙂

    Thank you!

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