seek not the pompous
swelled with false confidence
dispensing the formulas of bliss
condemning you as the un-visioned
while fleecing you of your hard begotten

follow not the kings and queens of mammon
who worship the bottom line
desiring the upper hand
who would despoil the world and all it offers
as their playground of gratification

suffer not the priests and priestesses
who would say that only they have heard
and in so saying would dictate your thoughts
and direct your deeds
to conform to this truth of the god in their pocket

do not be cowered by the iron hand
of the bullet-brained who march in step
to crush under boot the will of any who will not queue
into the line that they have deemed
leads to the only way that life must be

do not be swayed by those who know
possessed of absolutely no uncertainty
knowing sure that what they know is what is
and in their infallible knowledge
know that what they know is was and will ever be

instead — gather with those who do not know
find the curious and the uncertain
those still filled with wonder
drawn to unfolding discovery
who embrace the constancy of learning, change, and growth

it is they who will traverse this evolving world
fashioned as a fair and better place

• • •

rob kistner © 2011

20 thoughts on “Sooth”

  1. This is another gem to add to my collection of Rob’s poems. I’ve read it three times, twice aloud to my husband, who agrees with me that this makes more sense than all the pundits put together.

    1. Thank you Viv, glad you find this strikes a chord. It, for me, represents simple common sense. There is a particular phrase that sets the red light on my BS meter flashing, every time I hear it — that phrase is, “Let me explain…” for me, everything that follows that phrase MUST be intensely scrutinized. It is usually someone’s opinion, interpretation, or personal bias — masquerading as truth or fact… 😐

  2. This is so apt a poem for so much going on today. The last two stanzas I particularly like. It’s easy to focus on the negative but to still be awed, to “gather with those who do not know”, that takes effort.

    Thanks, Rob. Great to be able to visit here.

    1. But to live among the open-minded inquisitive, those still blessed with the sense of wonder and inquiry, is so very inspiring and enriching. To live among the closed minded who “know” is a kind of death… 🙁

      Always so very glad to see that you’ve stopped by Maureen… 🙂

    1. Of course Shane, unlimited fields of research, science, development, the arts, literature, humanities — anywhere there exists the pursuit of learning, exploration, and discovery… where the human mind and spirit rejects the concept of being closed, of being “right”, of being rigid and “certain” — but embraces the possibilities of being open and alive, to question all, and always, with a willingness to change, and a trust in growth…!!! It is from the closed, rigid, and “certain” mind that repression, prejudice, fascism, religious fundamentalism, persecution, war, and the constricting negative springs.

  3. I enjoyed reading both your poems for OSI this week. Particularly the end of this one, seeking out the unknown opportunities, ideas, creativity… but the curiosity hit me most of all, because, as you suggest, it is the curiosity that in many ways drives the rest. I found the negation very powerful (follow not, suffer not, do not be swayed, seek not) – much more than starting with the “do” ideas first. The rhythmic tone made it seem as if the message was coming from some kind of oracle.

    1. Thank you for your gracious comments SMI, I am pleased these pieces resonated for you — and Sooth was meant to be the voice of a “Seer”, so I’m glad you heard it as such… 😉

    1. Rally on Amy, it will take a raucous and righteous din to ever get most leaders, state or church, to hear. Even if able to get their attention, their willingness to listen, I’m afraid, is directly related to their personal agendas, most of which I find highly suspect, as portrayed in the first five (5) stanzas of this piece I wrote. Most seek to control, not to lead — seeking power over influence, money over what’s moral. As the wealthy continue to acquire more and more wealth, and that chasm between the elite empowered ‘few’, and the huddled masses, grows wider and deeper — I fear the plight of we, the masses, becomes more and more dire… I hope I’m wrong…

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