Talking To The Wind

Day 11 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013

Talking To The Wind

on being open and vulnerable


to the angry wind
finds you conversing
only with yourself

the hardened stone
your hidden secrets
keeps them untold

with the lofty tree
your broken dreams
you hurt alone

you need connection
with a pulsing heart
tender flesh
with blood and bone

a battled brother
a seasoned sister
someone to hear you
to feel to see

to dry your tears
to call your shit
if that is how
it needs to be

someone who’s there
someone to care
but only if you
if you care too

only if you live
outside your self
where you can be found
and heard and felt

where you can feel
where you’re vulnerable
where you are real
with much to lose

if you do this
then you can love
if you put yourself
out there for love

then all your secrets
your broken dreams
all your precious stories
will find a home

a healing place
to be touched and held
to feel pleasure
to balance pain

but first
are you ready
are you willing
have you reached that place
where it’s ok
to lose it all
to find yourself
to find your grace

only out here
on this deeply bruised
and bloodied edge
midst real fear
can you ever be
all you can be

wholly human
truly free

• • •

rob kistner © 2013

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