The Dawning

Tongue-in-cheek look at astrology

When I saw the July 1st prompt for Sunday Scribblings was “what’s your sign?” …I thought it was a real hoot – gave me a chuckle.

I have no opinion of astrology beyond my consideration of it as a fun and fascinating parlor game. So, I decided to get a personal astrological reading to support what I would write for my post.

Being a modern man, hip to the communications net that encircles our globe, I turned to the Internet for my reading – specifically to:

After clicking through several pages, filling in the basic ‘stuff’ requested on each — I worked my way carefully through the relentless blitzkrieg of commerce, avoiding the free-offer-virtual-land-mines. I finally got my free ‘reading’ in my eager little hands.

I found it amusing, and sharing it with my wife – she made some sort of smart remark about “if only”… or something like that.

Relevance of this bit of astrological insight not withstanding, it did stimulate this bit of light writing I share with you here – in the form of a tongue-in-cheek poem. It was fun to write — I hope it will be fun to read… 😉

NOTE: This illustration is from a friend of mine. I really like it because I am a cusp-child, and this reflects the two signs my birth date borders.


The Dawning


I am Aquarius/Pisces
cusp child

lover of freedom
tethers rejected
all constraints broken through

strong of will
none dictate what I should do

mind of my own
no crowd followed
a path to truth mine to pursue

my life unique
of my construct
its purpose only mine to construe

tradition shunned
the leading edge is not taboo

artist’s spirit
writer’s voice
soul’s palette of multi-hue

just and fair
mind open to all that’s new

sensitive inventive
and a visionary too

I swear this is real
it has been revealed confirmed it true

• • •

rob kistner © 2007

24 thoughts on “The Dawning”

  1. I read somewhere that according to Linda Goodman there is nothng like cusp.

    Read Linda Goodman’s “Love signs”. Not for astrology but for the sheer use of words. It is a pleasure to read the way she use the great English language.

    I like your poem.

  2. Gautami

    Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed my poem! 😉

    I can’t speak for Linda Goodman, but in astrology, there is a cusp period between each pair of adjacent astrological signs.

    The cusp period between Aquarius and Pisces is February 13th to February 23rd. I was born on February 18th, the precise center of the Aquarius/Pisces cusp period — the water bearer meets the fish.

    The manifestations of this particular cusp show by the individual presenting as highly philosophical, extremely sensitive, actively inventive, profoundly dreamy, and acutely visionary — possessing peak creative ability and remarkable acumen.

    Or so says the general astrological community — but then again, astrology is so subjective… who really knows?

  3. I loved the poem. It does describe how I am .. once again proving I am near and far, but where ever I am I am always around and being creative.


  4. My son is also in the cusp period between Aquarius and Pisces, and your poem describes him perfectly. Hmmm…perhaps there’s something to this business after all 🙂

  5. I love the very last lines of the poem.

    It’s nice to see cusps explored – I am a decantes Sag myself with an Aquarian moon.

    The illustration you chose is beautiful.

    Waving at you from New York,

  6. Frances

    Thank you — glad you enjoyed!

    I love the fact that the illustration combines the two signs that bracket my cusp… 😉

    Waving back…

  7. Very cool, Rob. The last stanza of your poem made me laugh. And I love the line “the leading edge is not taboo.” The picture is really nice, too.

  8. Tammy

    I appreciate your king words!

    Here’s to all us blended personality ‘cuspers’… 😉

  9. I don’t like the things Linda Goodman says about my zodiac sign! Liked the way you tackled your sign…made me think about how I don’t agree with the characteristics that are supposed to describe me. But some of them are true.

    I liked the way you ended the poem as though you were being skeptical. Nice.

  10. Sorceress

    Thank you for your kind words! 😉

    I am extremely skeptical because I believe completely in free will. Many factors may weigh in with regard to our potential ‘being’ as a human, but the person we ultimately ‘are’ is the one we choose to be — by both our responsible actions, and our irresponsible lack there of.

    The ‘belief’ crutches that people surround themselves with, such as astrology, religion, cults, isms (racism, sexism, nationalism, etc.), and the like — are ways in which individuals essentially surrender their free will. At their core, they are manifestations of a person’s fear — a ‘security blanket’ to help them cope with the unknown, the uncertain, the things that are different from themselves.

    These ‘crutches’ do act with considerable impact upon the individual, shaping them — but they are prime examples of the ‘lack’ of action I refer to above. To be specific, the lack of action to be ‘personally responsible’ for what they think, do, and say — and the consequences thereof.

    These ‘belief crutches’ serve to isolate and segregate individuals, limiting understanding and personal growth at best — or, at worst, acting as the catalyst for the most brutal, barbaric treatment of a human by another human… killing, torture, enslavement… acts of unspeakable depravity!  The most horrible, if not all wars humankind has ever waged against each other have these ‘belief crutches’ as the root cause!

    So Sorceress, I am way more than skeptical when it comes to humans embracing any type of ‘belief crutch’ — no matter how innocent it may appear. These ‘belief crutches’, these types of ‘mind sets’, are the seeds that breed the ugly, dark side of humanity — our inhumanity! History, since the beginning of our recording of it, proves my point.

  11. i never believed in very much about divination, but as my spirituality incorporates nature, i see how when everything is in sync a miracle is happening…and then i wonder if something like astrology is a valuable tool (of course are the experts, lol!)

  12. Annie

    Thank you for visiting! 😉

    I am profoundly moved and lifted by nature as well, but it is important, as a sentient species with free will, that we not allow ourselves to become controlled by ‘believing’ — or we surrender our will to a belief system, and are then controlled by a set of human constructs… no matter how complex or historic they might be.

    You hit on the correct word in your comment above — ‘wonder’… all we can do is wonder… we cannot ‘know’, as we are only finite, temporal beings. That is why I am agnostic.

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