…inspired by Dean Koontz’s “Twilight Eyes”…


across the chasm of time
and great distance
memories unfold
like elaborate origami sculptures

I see soaring ramparts
of sky-piercing mountains
forested tier upon tier
with enormous sitka spruce

scattered brewers
known as the weeping spruce
the most beautiful of the conifer
whose branches in summer
display sunlight
as a jeweler’s velvet
showcases gems

the whispers
of wind-stirred
lawson cypress
towering ponderosa pine
and douglas fir
waft down emerald climbs

tangerine-scented white fir
a fragrance rivaled only
by the rough-tufted red cedar

the dogwood’s brilliant leaves
big-leaf maples
pendulous western maples
tight ranks of dark-green sadler oak

the golden shimmer
and crisp crackle
of white-barked aspen

these are the mountains
and forests of my oregon home
where I will someday return
to reclaim my heart

now I have only
sweet recall

even in the faded light
of distant memory
these visions leave me breathless

• • •

rob kistner © 2011


• thankfully I still reside amidst the splendors of Oregon, but these are the memories that would most surely haunt my soul were I ever to have to leave this magnificent country

13 thoughts on “Breathless”

  1. your imagery is so vibrant and alive it enables me to envision every needle on every tree touching the sky…tree after tree blended together in deep fertile green and blue/green…but your poem says so much more beyond the spruce and mountains and enormity of wealth and richness of natural beauty…the visions we have of finding something we cherished so dearly from our past, standing tall, scented memories always with us…a beautiful poem indeed…made my day…

  2. Oh, this reminds me of a poem I wrote once about autumn – the way you’ve described everything here just completely took me back to the images I was trying to portray then. I think you did the better job.


  3. Such a beautiful tree-filled poem. I too am away from the home of my heart. I relate to this poem of longing……..Oregon is so beautiful – much like my beloved West Coast – Tofino.

  4. A part of the country I have longed to visit – you make me want it even more. I could see it all through your eyes as I read this.

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