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  1. writer bug Says:

    I love collages in general, and yours in particular. Are these made using a web program, or are they made with actual paper and then scanned? Beautiful!

  2. Rob Kistner Says:

    Writer Bug –

    Thank you… I’m pleased you enjoy these.

    They are a combination of abstract acrylic art that I commit to canvass then capture as a digitized image, digital photographs I have taken, ‘found images’ that are scanned, digital art I’ve created in Illustrator, and 3D renderings I create with Turbo CAD — all finally pulled together in Photoshop, with the words and phrases overlaid.

    The final collage images are extremely high resolution and can be printed out as a 300 DPI Giclée at a widths up to 36″ and the corresponding proportional height.

    For example, Quatre Saisons (Four Seasons) can be printed as large as 36″ wide by 90″ tall — and its crisp and clean.

    I have also printed them out as slightly smaller scale, high resolution, archival-quality back-lit transparencies, using a frosted acrylic substrate to diffuse pure white LED lighting. I create a shallow back box for the LED’s, then mat and frame the back-lit image to make it look like mounted ‘flat art’ — except it glows just as it does on a computer screen.

    This is my favorite way to reproduce them — captivating, with absolutely stunning color!

  3. A~Lotus Says:

    Stunning colors indeed! These digitalized/mixed media collages were delightful! I enjoyed them thoroughly.

    Thank you for explaining how you went about doing these collages (although yours is way too complicated and elaborate for me. lol)!

    I always thought about doing them digitalized–as in cropping pictures and such together and combining them with words/lines from my poems and adding colors from color pencils and markers, but I never got around to doing them yet…

    Anyway, you’ve inspired me to try to make time and do this! 😀 Thanks!

  4. V-Grrrl Says:

    So rich. Each one is like a doorway into memory, thoughts, or a dream where everything and nothing makes sense..

  5. Ralph Ivy Says:

    And with your words, your poems, I find a reflective intensity, community, and continuity in your collages here. Your words, your images help me continue my own search. Thank you.

  6. rick mobbs Says:

    Very very rich imagery, Mr Wizard. Thanks for the technical explanation of process. Do you have pictures here of the backlit boxes you described?

  7. Jane Jones Says:

    The collages are magnificent; the colours are majestic, the images deeply personal yet iconographic. These works remind me of the artist Kurt Schwitters a bit, a modern artist who used found objects and incorporated them into his assemblages. Each collages is beautiful and I would tell you my favourites, of course I need to know more about their providence, etc. “Visages de Futur” is amazing. “Nave de Cielo” colouration is superlative and “Gonzo” (I don’t have the titles so I am giving reference to the calligraphy on the works(how I love that the words display the poet and the artist!). I would love to know how you made the works. Are the originals for sale, etc? How beautiful these works of art! Truly amazing!

  8. Jane Jones Says:

    Just read your description of how you made these amazing collages. It seems to me to be a very technical process of which you would have to have some knowledge of photoserigraphy. How complicated is the process and how long does it take to make a collage? I remember serigraphy from art school, however this is so much more complicated it seems to me!

  9. Jeff Says:

    Hello! Do you sell prints of your collages? Please email me if you could!

  10. Rob Kistner Says:

    Yes I do Jeff, in limited editions…


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