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  1. Rob,

    Thanks for the kind comments at my poetry blog. I really enjoyed exploring your visual art. Some of these look like fractals, is that what they are? I toyed around with using fractals as a jumping off point with my quilt designs a few years ago but never went anywhere with the idea.

    Anyway, I love the repetitive nature of these pieces.


  2. Pam –

    The comments were genuine. I truly enjoyed your site. It is quite elegant to behold, and your writing is crisp and engaging… 😉

    Thank you for the kind words regarding my digital work. Only the very bottom piece, just above comments, is fully an algorithm manipulated fractal. The rest all begin on my WACOM sketch tablet, and then I manipulate them through simple to quite complex filter iterations and form extruding — layering the piece as I go.

    I also like to integrate mirroring techniques.

    In a number of these pieces I employed the 3D CAD development that I use in designing my furniture and seating, also pictured on the site here.

    I’ve created a portfolio of over 100 original digital artworks. Each takes many hours, but I find it captivating to push a computer to create original visual expressions.

    What a great idea to use fractals in the conceptualization and design of quilts. I’ll bet they’re fascinating!

    I often use one of my digital art creations as a foundation concept for my acrylic art pieces, as well as for the abstract mixed media creations I occasionally create in collaboration with my with wife, Kathy — a talented and prolific fiberartist.

  3. I came to check out the clown poem you linked to dVerse today and thought I’d take a peek at your artwork while I was here. I am glad that I did. Your work is bold and the psychedelic flair is exciting.

  4. This was fun to scroll through.
    Such variation. Loved the ‘infinity door’.
    First comment for 2012 I notice.
    You need to be bolder in your approach to get people to see it. Easier said than done 🙂

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