For Mother


there are those days
I still can feel
the breeze of youth
gently stir my soul

those days remembered
of graceful lightness
when faith in truth
sparked splendid dreams

those days of you mother

when all I touched
was fresh and new
and you filled my world
with love
and wonder

when I was certain
you would live forever

your strength made each day
a great adventure
and all my fears depart

those were tender carefree days

then came the years
you watched me grow

saw me stumble

then took my hand
to lift me up

never did you judge
nor turn away

you would lift we up

until the day
I could stand alone

those were days
and years
of joy

but you are gone

I stand alone

these days are bittersweet

there now are days
I struggle for foothold
against these winds
of time and change

days my heart cries out
against this —
life’s ultimate demand

I search for blessings
while I curse this burden

these days
when I am bent by sorrow
heavy with the weight of loss

when I am haunted
by the ghost of memory
these lonely days
when I think of you

these empty days

how can this void be filled?
when one so beloved
has departed?

your cherished love and kindness
taken by cruel fate

how can this void be filled…
when one so much a part of me
— is gone?

you understood
the need for giving
in this careless world

a tender heart
truly unselfish

your heart
was big enough for all

your warm embrace
nurtured my soul
and kept me safe

I will not forget you

I will remember you –
and all those days

that’s how I will fill this void

with the seeds of love
you planted deep
inside my heart

now bruised by grief

may they grow
to make me gentler
and me the world
a better place

good-bye mother!

I will tend these seeds
and think of you
alive within my heart

I will not forget!

• • •

rob kistner © 1997


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