Who am I?

That’s me at 63. I am a poet, writer, artist, singer, and contemporary furniture designer. You can see examples of my creations throughout this blog.

Attended 3 different universities in the 1960’s, furthering my education at the “university of the road” — cross country on motorcycles, then in traveling R&B and Rock ‘n Roll bands for quite a few years.

Possessed of a creative spirit and entrepreneurial temperament, I became one of the country’s first home theater architects; having evolved from designing and installing custom residential audio systems in the mid 1970’s. Loved doing that, but lost the desire after more than two decades — largely due to the constant struggles with contractors and home-builders.

A product designer as well, it has been my good fortune to have had designs receive the International Innovations Design & Engineering Award. Also was a member of the George Lucas Lucasfilm LTD technologies team. What a great time, having an office on Skywalker Ranch — being surrounded by, and encountering daily, remarkably creative individuals.

My hectic pace as a design & development consultant has abated with age and health. I have now settled into staying close to home here the Pacific Northwest, pursuing my creative avocations.

I am thrilled to spend more available time exploring this magnificent part of the world, while doing my best to be a loving husband and father of two surviving adult children — a daughter, and a son. Sadly I lost a third child, my eldest son in his 18th year.

My wife is a nationally recognized contemporary fiber-artist. Occasionally she will let me design and build a mount for one of her creations. She and I also enjoy playing golf, when possible, at the breathtaking courses here in the Pacific Northwest!

Welcome to my blog!

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  1. Had to dig a bit to discover we might be neighbors as well as brothers in verse and lesson. I live in Sumner, in the foothills, in the shadow of fire mountain Rainier. I really respond to your art, your taste in music, your writing. Are you on Facebook? I would like to include you in my select readership, to share my poetry other than weekly mags. My email is
    I worked for over 40 years with blinded veterans at American Lake, and I am very familiar with PDR.

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