the eyes are wise
the eyes are sad
the eyes are tired

the eyes are so familiar

the nose
the mouth
the chin

staring back
the one I think I am
want to be

but a longer look
deeper into the eyes
beneath the transparent surface
concealed in the silver
there is another

one only I recognize

caught in the reflection
my other self
inner self
the one I truly am

the weak
flawed one
frightened and unsure

the pretender

hoping that my guise holds fast
that I’m not found out
in my glaring imperfection

a shudder breaks the stare

I blink
and check my teeth
my hair
tug straight my collar
making sure the mask is tight

best face forward

a final glance
I smile away the doubt

• • •

rob kistner © 2012

• linked at Magpie Tales

12 thoughts on “Faces”

  1. Rob,
    Boy, that inner critic can’t hide from it’s owner. On the other hand the owner can and does hide the inner critic.
    Good poetry.

  2. In this world it’s so difficult to let one’s defenses down. So many people can take advantage of those weaknesses, or we believe they will based on past experiences. This is a great poem about those struggles we go thru, when we are aware of the dichotomy.

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