the eyes are wise
the eyes are sad
the eyes are tired

the eyes are so familiar

the nose
the mouth
the chin

staring back
the one I think I am
want to be

but a longer look
deeper into the eyes
beneath the transparent surface
concealed in the silver
there is another

one only I recognize

caught in the reflection
my other self
inner self
the one I truly am

the weak
flawed one
frightened and unsure

the pretender

hoping that my guise holds fast
that I’m not found out
in my glaring imperfection

a shudder breaks the stare

I blink
and check my teeth
my hair
tug straight my collar
making sure the mask is tight

best face forward

a final glance
I smile away the doubt

• • •

rob kistner © 2012

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12 Responses to “Faces”

  1. Kutamun Says:

    Sounds like an interesting reflection !

  2. Maureen Says:

    Nice take on the photo prompt, Rob.

  3. Helen Says:

    … and away she goes! Loved this, Rob.

  4. kaykuala Says:

    We are our strong self. Rightly so Rob! A pretender a little but it’s ok. We just walk away happy! Great verse!


  5. Tess Kincaid Says:

    Yes…always make sure the mask is on tight…wonderful write Rob…

  6. wayne Says:

    another wonderful poem Rob…..thanks for this

  7. Rashmi Says:

    So true….We want to be perfect in front of others …..Wonderful poem..

  8. L. Moon Says:

    I think several people caught the jaded image
    You did a nice job Rob of capturing what is there and what is not…

  9. rel Says:

    Boy, that inner critic can’t hide from it’s owner. On the other hand the owner can and does hide the inner critic.
    Good poetry.

  10. brian miller Says:

    hard to keep that mask from slipping you know….and we are so much more real when we allow others to see we are human…

  11. leah J. Lynn Says:

    I just like the wisdom in your writing and enjoy the love you have for your wife.

  12. Chazinator Says:

    In this world it’s so difficult to let one’s defenses down. So many people can take advantage of those weaknesses, or we believe they will based on past experiences. This is a great poem about those struggles we go thru, when we are aware of the dichotomy.

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