The Mask


The Mask


when donned the mask
the transformation
smoulders forth the other

the fantasy
on wings of dreams

she is she
and too
the other

unleashed at light of passion’s moon
manifest at your request
sustained this night
at her delight

she is your isis
she is your venus
she is your every longing loosed

she brings everything in life you miss
bestowed with aphrodite’s kiss
but as you burn you should know this
beneath the mask waits a dark abyss

• • •

rob kistner © 2011

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15 thoughts on “The Mask”

  1. First let me say that when you
    are under the weather, or just
    absent, the flock of magpies
    flies unbalanced, can’t hold up
    a decent formation. Your poem
    is lovely, dark, macabre, and
    propels us to a place unknown.
    Love the lines: /the fantasy/
    on wings of dreams/ and you
    tweak the interest with:
    /she is she/and too/the other.

  2. Rob,
    Yes we need always be aware that something different lies behind the mask. But the risk is tantalizing.

  3. Hello …first…how are you doing? I have had kind of a bad month. Nothing serious…but…having said that its all serious I guess…anyways…..great poem…read it a coup^le of times…i dont like rating poems. these arent competitions….WORDS…with energy, passion an imagination flying to places known and unknown…then around and back again……take care my friend

    1. I am doing better Wayne, thank you for asking – sorry to hear you had a rough month, hope things are looking up… the idea of looking at poetry as though it is a competitive undertaking, to be scored or ranked, is absurd — unless one considers full-contact free verse… 😉

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