emerald eyes stare

fix me in their grasp

lift me into the realm
of unfinished dreams

strip me of fear
of inhibition

render me transparent
as I rise weightless
unburdened of care

an untethered being of pure moment
filled with universes within universes

a vessel of time and space
ever-expanding consciousness
aware of all

not as separate
but as the is – the was – the to become

with infinite reach
embracing the strand continuum

drawing it forward
reeling it back
in uninterrupted linearity

for no reason
but the being of its universal presence
its omnipotent here-ness
the infinite now

seeing through the emerald eyes
with crystalline gaze
I behold the beginning of the endless
touch what is not known
glimpse what cannot be now
but is forever

an epiphanal glance
at the mystery of fate
the why within the why

ever I ascend to realization
that the meaning of the mystery
is veiled in those emerald eyes

• • •

rob kistner © 2009



…photorendering at top entitled “Emerald Eyes” by: rob kistner © 2008


A BRAND NEW WORD: •Epiphanality – 1. The quality of transcendence and enlightenment that exists in something 2. the ability to transcend and rise above


…wonderful poems found at “readwritepoem”


11 thoughts on “Continuum”

  1. Hi Rob

    Thank you very much for your visit and the invitation to be here. I’m glad to be here. You do have a lovely place. The ambience is so very relaxing and yet full of energy feeding all my senses in ways so very right.

    You have done a magnificent job of integrating the various creative tools. Yes, I’m speaking of the music, art and design into a delightful poetic collage that complements “Image to Verse”, poetry blog.

    I find much pleasure in reading “Continuum”. You have captured so profoundly this theme in every line with compelling imagery. The ecstatic expression of thought and feelings drips from each crafted line and I like what this as done to me: given me moments of superb elation, thinking deeply divergently within a visceral jam, yes that’s it.

    Yes, indeed I shall be back regularly. So much so that when I go back to my place I shall insert a link to this place.

    Today as well, I’m going to list you among my guest poets on my site and I hope it is okay with you.


  2. Rob,

    Thanks so much for the visit and the invite. I love your new site! And you can imagine my surprise when I started to read your beautiful poem and music from Bladerunner started! Awesome and it made the read so much better. The picture, the poem, the music, it all accentuated each other perfectly. I liked the imagery in the poem, I felt like I was floating, feeling and experiencing. Good job!

    I didn’t realize you were a fan of Bladerunner. I also believe that Bladerunner: Directors Cut is one of the best sci-fi movies, defintely one of my favorites and I believe highly under rated. Thanks again for stopping by, I’ll be sure to keep checking in for more inspiration.


  3. had a quick look at Image & Verse before i run off to the bus to work &c. was very favorably impressed with your various works (and the work of your wife). have added a link from my site [], and now i have to feed my son before he starves to death!!!

    will talk again soon i hope.

    & thanks for your support

  4. Hi, this is a great blog you have got here! I love how you have integrated the poems with images and the design is very nice.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog – let me know if you would like to do a guest post and/or link exchange. 🙂

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