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The cabinet above is one I designed for the MMC Series of Flexdécor Modular Furnishings. It is designed to fit snuggly in the corner of a room when doors, windows, fireplaces, etc. make any other location impossible. The style is called Deco.

The unit you see holds a 70″ HDTV. The left, center, and right front speakers of the surround sound system, as well as the subwoofer, are built into the cabinet. There are also two ample, whisper-fan cooled enclosures to house the AV gear. Lots of software storage.

Below are more of my furniture designs. The names you see in the upper portion of the image is the name of the particular style line to which it belongs.

All of the furniture I design is modular, which means many different configurations of useful funiture pieces can be configured in each style line. There are also a wide variety of finishes and accessory options available, so each piece can be highly personalized to an individual’s taste.


The piece above is a wardrobe configuration in the “Girddon” style.



The piece above is a bookcase configuration in the “Taliesin” style.



The piece above is a wine cupboard configuration in the “Zen” style.



Above is an office ensemble configuration in the “Struxure” style.



The piece above is a pocket-door AV configuration in the “Taliesin” style.



The piece above is a china hutch configuration in the “Brittic” style.



The piece above is an AV corner-cabinet configuration in the “Zen” style.



The piece above is a mirrored dresser configuration in the “Deco” style.

8 Responses to “My Furniture Designs”

  1. Paris Parfait Says:

    Rob, I came to read your poetry but was distracted by your sidebar. What terrific designs! If my apartment weren’t already overstuffed with furniture and shipping costs weren’t so exorbitant, I’d be very tempted. Fantastic work!

  2. Rob Kistner Says:


    Thank you!

    This is just an example of what I do in my “real” life.

    These particular designs are from a series of furniture called Flexdécor. This is a series I designed for myself, and plan to personally release for sale — when funding for the Flexdécor enterprise is fully secured.

    The Flexdécor designs are all KD/RTA (knocked down, ready to assemble) “modular” pieces — meaning many variations (chest, desk, wardrobe, vanity, dresser, china-hutch, wine-cupboard, AV-cabinet, etc.) can be configured within each “style”.

    I have 14 style designs in this Flexdécor portfolio of case goods. There are 21 seating style designs in this particular portfolio. I have a few examples of these here on Image & Verse as well.

    Shipping is expensive. Back in the 80’s I used to import container loads of Ligne Roset furniture from France (Lyon), to distribute here in the USA.

    Sorry, I ramble — I appreciate your admiration of these designs. If all goes well, perhaps someday you will be able to purchase the Flexdécor series there in Paris? 🙂

  3. GeL (Emerald Eyes) Says:

    Oh me, oh my oh,oh, oh!
    Your artistry is awesome! 😀 I like it all.
    As a voracious reader and lover of clean wood designs, I’m in love with your bookcases. Wowzer!

  4. Rob Kistner Says:


    Thank you for your generous compliment! 😉

    As I wrote to Tara in my comment above this one… “If all goes well, perhaps someday you will be able to purchase the Flexdécor series…” of which this bookcase, and other of my bookcase styles, are a part.

  5. Melanie-bd Says:

    Rob, How wonderful… I love it all. You are AWESOME indeed.


  6. SmallWorld Reads Says:

    I also came for Sunday Scribbling and got distracted by your furniture. Fantastic! I want everything, especially the bookshelves!

  7. wayne Says:

    you are very talented Rob. My partner is trained in architecture so she always looks and is interested in designs. She also is a fabric artist like your wife and does some amazing creative “stuff”

  8. Pine Wardrobe Says:

    Really cool and excellent furniture. Especially the wardrobe configuration in the “Girddon” style, I liked it. Thank you Rob for such a wonderful post. You have done a great job.

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