House of Love



House of Love


to build our house of love
we need not brads nor hammer
we need not bricks nor mortar
we need not hod nor trowel

our house of love
rises on trust’s foundation
shelters with devotion
comforts with a kiss

it will not fail nor fall
for it has no part nor measure
it is not limiting nor temporal
it is timeless as our passion

our house of love
needs not brad nor hammer
it is cemented with our lifeblood
made fast with the beating of our hearts

• • •

rob kistner © 2010

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19 thoughts on “House of Love”

  1. Rob:

    You words come trembling out on the page. This poem has so much love and gentle enduring passion — of course a house build with such a foundation will remain in “love.” and bounded
    (cemented) together.

    All your poems are filled with a fire a passion!


    I haven’t posted my magpie yet —

  2. This poem ~ House of Love ~ is so beautifully written… a poem like this can only be written by a person with a Heart of Love! Lovely!
    Thank you for visiting my blog~ Cheers Kath

  3. Rob–So lovely to meet you this afternoon! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your artwork and this music I am listening to right now is so pleasant. So many times the music on certain blogs just doesn’t hit me right but this does! I going to bookmark your page and spend some time on it tonight when I have the time to really delve into it. I love your poem! Really nice concept, the house of love. We all need so much more of this don’t we? Are we supposed to publish our stuff now? I always post mine on Tuesday, thinking that is what everyone did. It does give me more time to read everyone’s work though if it is posted before Tuesday!! There are so many wonderful writers out there. I am in awe! Thanks for stopping by. I hope I get to find out more about you and exchange thoughts and ideas. My best to you!

  4. Rob; your brilliant and inspiring poem”The House of Love” indeed has no measure only soft billowy walls, deep tender sighs by the window moans, the roof always seem to lift one up to the sunbeams. Always the heart’s passion ignites the flames soft buttresses of desire. A shelter from the storm “The House of Love” stands by always on the ready to eternally embrace our ever lonely souls. Inside balmy breezes awaits inviting all to leave the cold outside.

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