This Dance


This Dance


he feels the weight of her thigh
pressing against his

the flesh of her hip
urgent against his groin

the warmth
as he responds involuntarily

a heat spreads through him
a quickening of pulse

he swells and swoons
growing rigid and eager

a deep need overtakes him

he reaches ’round her
firmly encircling her waist
with his strong arm
bending her forward
with the power of his body

his other hand frees himself
he enters her fully
consumed by her passion

begins a dance of dizzying desire

his urges hot and husky
on her ear and cheek
they churn in slow pleasure

building in lustful pace and tension
they dance and dance
spinning into a carnal fury

a great release
sweeps over them

they melt together
in fevered bliss
matching breath for slowing breath

his lips
soft on the nape of her neck
they drift to earth
entwined in the joy
the afterglow
of love’s lingered embrace

• • •

rob kistner © 2015

…inspired by Mag 254

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