A touching bit of poetry… 😉






serenely steamy

soft supple skin

salaciously slathered

shorn smooth


seductive scent

subtly spread

sensuous strokes



stirring sighs





so slippery

• • •

rob kistner © 2007

66 thoughts on “Sensations”

  1. Jennifer

    Thank you!

    Just look at the word sensuous itself — 3 S’s… that gave me the clue to go that direction… 😉

  2. Fantastic! This smooth poem slipped through my thoughts as I read it.

    This is a take on the prompt I did not consider, and I love seeing what you’ve done with “slippery.” Inspiring.

  3. Kristin

    Thank you!

    I am pleased you enjoyed it… 😉

    Before I begin to work poetically with a prompt, I always speak it out loud a number of times — not thinking what the word means immediately. Instead, I hear the word, listening carefully to its sound.

    I also make a quick recording of my voice saying it with several different inflections — to get a pure reactionary sense for the sound of the prompt.

    In addition, I feel my mouth form around the word, paying close attention as it moves on my lips and tongue… how its resonance feels in my voice box.

    I then examine the definitional meaning(s) of the prompt — overlaying all of this to see where my muse then takes me.

    As I did all this with the word slippery, it felt and sounded very sensual. As I then concentrated on its meanings — the direction and shape of this poem began to unfold.

    That’s my process for writing poetry. When I am not working with a prompt, as is the case most of the time, my process is the same.

    The difference being, I search my subconscious for a word or phrase, writing in free association with my stream of consciousness — or I begin reading something, until a word or phrase grabs me.

    Then the process I have described, begins.

  4. Hi there Rob,

    thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Curious as I am, I came here to check yours out, and wow, what a good one!
    (and spend too much time reading – I had a busy afternoon schedule… none of the jolly jobs are finished yet!! I have ADHD too 🙂 )

  5. Jo

    Hi back… 😉

    Glad you stopped by, and thank you for the wonderful compliment!

    Hey, you’ll get to the stuff that really needs your attention. After all, ADD presents us with never-ending possibilities.

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