presented for your consideration
and time

time is relative
a fleeting thing

so how does one keep time
to keep is to hold
or maintain
something in your possession

it would seem
given the insubstantial nature
of time
that one cannot

with time
being the core component
of a deadline
and time unable to be ‘kept’
the logical deduction
is that a deadline
is therefore unable to be ‘kept’

it would also seem
that it is not fully clear
just what a deadline is

is it a relative point
projected into the future
and given arbitrary importance

is it a connection
between telephones
that has gone quiet

is it a boundary
drawn around a prison
beyond which escapees are shot

is it filament with hook
presented to catch fish
that has lost its bait

when considering
this additional uncertainty
why all the fuss about deadlines

in the pursuit
of things relative
and uncertain

love is the more glorious

• • •

rob kistner © 2010


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14 thoughts on “Deadline”

  1. I love your take on deadlines and time in general. Next time I feel nailed to the wall over a deadline, I hope I’ll remember your post. Thanks!

  2. First of all, I must tell you what a lovely website this is. Gorgeous and the music is perfectly matched.

    I loved your imagery of time as a boundary and a line but it cannot be captured. You cannot hold it in your hand. It all comes down to the most important thing.

    Well done.

    ps 50 is the new 30! LOLOL

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