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Life is Duality

Day 13 “first draft” for NaPoWriMo 2013 _______________________________________ Life Is Duality on catching a glimpse of the Great Mysery • I sometimes get very dark my emotions get brittle and heavy – an anger at life swells every time I dig deep enough be it on my own or in a counseling session I find […]

The Dance

NOTICE: intended for mature readers only… “Venus and The Sailor” by Salvador Dali, 1925 The Dance • he felt the weight of her thigh pressing against his and the flesh of her hip urgent against his groin and the warmth as he responded involuntarily feeling a heat spread through him a quickening of his pulse […]


This piece deals with the strange duality we all carry with us through life, the unique contradiction between the person we think we are, and the ‘many’ other persons others perceive us to be from their experience of us, as filtered through their differing individual perceptions. Fair or not, convenient or not — we are […]


image by Francesca Woodman Morphling • I will not be confined always in motion eternal ebb and flow perpetual like the seas my spirit an eternal liquid in everlasting flux expands unrestrained seeking freedom I will not be defined my nature is fluid my essence is turbulent deep but ever changing my heart in constant […]

Perception’s Window

artwork by Jack Vettriano Perception’s Window • we are infinite beings awaking slowly from some infinite place our coming to be unknown to us as any mystery our essence an enigma learned in stories in waiting relationships gradually we open to our identity awareness dawns like the rising of a newborn sun breaking on our […]


…here’s in keeping with my ‘dark’ fantasy that all clowns have bizarre, perhaps criminal pasts… Laughing • gaze upon me if you will my countenance crafted to fool and thrill I’ve spent years in greasepaint fear and sorrow I rue the past I dread tomorrow they call me laughing bob it wasn’t intentional you see […]


…inspired by the first day I met my wife, 25 years ago…   Yet • had she not appeared in that clearing so lost had she not crossed my threshold on that september day had not her voice drifted like silk on a summer breeze to wrap sheer and sweet around my heart had not […]


  Stardust • ride the moon like the ferryman’s craft to the secret place of dreams to seek the truth that sparkles there like stardust in the folds of time • • • rob kistner © 2012


  Drowning • on the boulevard outside last night’s rain puddles midst the chaos of metro-clutter as if abandoned by the waters of earth it shoulders its way through the culverts in search of mother sea this day begins golden and crisp bird songs echo empty sunrise streets lovers and their beloved sit by morning […]

Rāgarāja’s Daughter

  Rāgarāja’s Daughter • radiant vision silken skinned translucent alabaster blaze torrid as a teen’s temptation leaned low here before me yearning on plush cloud so sensuous sweet comely goddess forward bent graceful face aglow with craving you conjure ardor’s obsession a’bloom in beckoned fiery swoon forearms rest on pillow soft thoughts aflame in primal […]

The Edge

  The Edge • standing at the edge feeling far below the great tides the ebb and flow the rise and fall the come and go of centuries wave by wave day by day might incarnate the power of indifference the surge of perfect apathy and I as insignificant as the grain of sand bounced […]

Golden Lady

  Golden Lady • golden lady in sensuous silk a beauty sure to mesmerize sculpted by a master’s hand so seductive as to scandalize a stare of comely crystal blue floats above a ruby pout spellbound by her magic eyes she holds your soul with no way out her tongue tip teases her top lip’s […]

This Night

…as you read this Christmas poem, with its taste of bittersweetness, see it not in a dark light — but rather, embrace it as a tale of a long-awaited journey, to be with the one beloved… digital collage entitled: “Christmas Tear” – by: rob kistner © 2011   This Night • brushed my shoulder on […]

The Journey

  The Journey • beckoned to the final tide called forth by the ferryman spirit stirs to the distant voice that draws you to the journey caught still in this mortal realm soul resigned to embarkation time folding in upon as slow you approach the vessel • • • rob kistner © 2011 • linked […]

For Naught

  For Naught • the virgin page taunts me untouched the bright white throbs like a migraine no burden of remorse no weight of mystery does it bear no sting of anger no wink of mirth does it proffer nothing sensual or sensitive to share no tale to spin no plot to thicken no coin […]